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"My tutor was excellent! He answered all of my questions quickly and effectively. I would definitely recommend him to other students!"


Honors Geometry Student 

"My tutor is super helpful. He is patient and gives thorough answers.  He helps me so much when I am not able to get help at home with work. He is also helpful when you need an extra pair of eyes for proofreading. I feel like I am understanding much more and am prepared for every class."

 10th Grade Student

"Our tutor was very helpful for our daughter as she began school at Westminster. She did not have the same foreign language experience that students coming from Westminster lower school had and was concerned that she might be behind. Our tutor did a wonderful job of ensuring she was prepared for her honors Spanish class and helped her to become a confident Spanish student who continues to excel three years later. We were lucky to find a tutor so reliable and capable." 

6th Grade Parent

"My tutor was of great help when looking over my college essays. Her input really helped keep me focused on what really mattered to the admissions committee and allowed me to highlight my best attributes in my application."

High School Senior

“Our tutor rescued my daughter in AP Physics! She was very reliable, spent time reviewing material until it was understood, and always came prepared. My daughter was able to grasp concepts through our tutor's explanations that she was not receiving from her own teacher. She is a gem!”

10th Grade Parent

My AP Physics tutor was always prepared, organized, thorough, and always walked me through the problems until I understood it. She always checked in with what material I wanted to cover, and came with extra practice that wasn’t in the book. She was so helpful, and I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through physics without her!”

AP Physics Student

“Our tutor relates well with her students. She truly cares about the learning taking place, asking questions along the way to ensure concepts are understood. If a student does not understand something, she will continue to explain the concept differently and thoroughly before moving on. Our tutor is exceptionally patient.  My daughter was struggling in AP physics, but with our tutor's help not only did she earn an A, she also enjoyed learning the material”

11th Grade Parent 

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